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Severe Acne Vulgaris

Dear Doctor

I am a 19 year old man and very frustrated with my acne problem for the last 3 years.

I have used everything for it but it has no effect.

severe acne vulgaris

Dear Patient

This condition is known as severe acne vulgaris.

The symptoms of severe acne vulgaris include the presence of:

1.Comedones (black heads and white heads)

2.Inflamed papules (red small swellings)

3.Pustules (pus filled swellings)

4.Nodules (firm swellings which are more than 1 cm in diameter)

5.Cysts (large fluid filled swellings).

Severe Acne Vulgaris Treatment

I suggest the following treatment for severe acne vulgaris :

Use an acne face wash twice a day

Use an acne face wash to wash your face in the morning and evening.

For example you can use  Clean and Clear Acne Cleanser  which contains 10% Benzoyl peroxide or Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash with Salicylic Acid  which contains Salicylic acid.

If these are not available in your country buy  a face wash with either 10% Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid (Do not use those with salicylic acid if you are allergic to aspirin). These can be bought over the counter in most countries without a prescription.

Apply acne treatment  in the morning

Apply an acne moisturizer which is labeled “non-comedogenic” as it means it will not clog the skin pores and worsen the acne.

This moisturizer should also contain an ingredient like salicylic acid to your face after washing it in the morning. A good example is Clean and Clear Oil Free Moisturizer with 0.5% Salicylic Acid.

Take retinoids by mouth

Consult your nearest doctor and get a prescription of a medication known as isotretinoin which is a retinoid or vitamin A derivative.

This medication has many side effects but it gives good results when used to treat severe acne. Click here to read about Isotretinoin side effects and watch your mood at home since it can cause depression.

Adopt an Acne-Free LifestyClle

Adopt an acne-free lifestyle by doing the following:

*Joining a smoking cessation program if you smoke cigarettes

*Adding ground flaxseeds to breakfast cereals as they contain omega 3 fatty acids which reduce inflammation in the body. Flaxseeds can also help reduce androgen levels in the body.

*Eating low glycemic index foods like whole grain bread, spinach, and tomatoes. To learn more read How to Treat Acne at Home.

severe acne treatment tips


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