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Scrotum Skin Swellings

Dear Doctor

Please find the attachment of the mole or wart on my left testicle. I am quite worried about it. Can you please suggest what it is?

scrotum skin swellings

Dear Patient

Scrotum Skin Swellings

Conditions that can cause scrotum skin swellings include:

Epidermoid Cysts

Epidermoid cysts, which are a type of sebaceous cysts, are smooth, painless, round lumps. They start as small swellings which are a few millimeters in diameter and grow slowly to about 5 cm in diameter. These firm swellings are flesh-colored or yellowish.  They often have a central hole (like the one seen in your picture above).

Epidermoid cysts are treated surgically. In this procedure the doctor numbs the area around the swelling with local anesthesia and makes a small cut over the cyst. They then apply firm pressure to squeeze out its contents before closing the wound with stitches.

I therefore suggest that you visit your nearest dermatologist to have this minor operation scheduled if you want to remove it.

scrotum epidermoid cysts



Cancers like squamous cell carcinoma can also develop on the scrotum. Symptoms of scrotal squamous cell carcinomas include raised papules and plaques (swellings) which increase in size and evolve into ulcers (sores). These swellings may also be associated with inguinal lymphadenopathy (swollen groin glands). Scrotal squamous cell cancer usually develops in men aged older than 50 years and it is primarily an occupational disease which affects chimney sweeps and workers in the textile milling and metalworking industries.


Nevi or Moles

Nevi or moles develop when pigmented skin cells known as melanocytes grow in clusters. Common moles can develop on the scrotum and they are usually round, with a smooth surface and even coloration which can range from brown and black to red and pink. Atypical moles (dysplastic nevus) can also develop on the scrotum. They are characterized by an irregular shape and different colors.

back mole


Nodular Scabies

Nodular scabies is characterized by swellings on the scrotum which persist after the scabies has been treated. They are thought to be caused by immune reactions rather than by scabies infection. Nodular scabies are treated by applying mild steroid creams like Hydrocortisone to the scrotum.

nodular scabies



Patients with tertiary syphilis can develop gumma on their skin, bone and other organs. These nodules or plaques (swellings) are round masses which can destroy surrounding tissues.



Warts can also develop on the scrotum, anus and other parts of the genitalia. Symptoms of scrotum warts include flesh colored swellings. These genital warts are usually caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) types 6 and 11. The treatment of anogenital warts is challenging and one can choose to wait for the body to develop an immune reaction which will get rid of the warts or medications like Imiquimod can be applied on the  warts.

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