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Nairobi Fly Dermatitis or Blister Beetle Dermatitis

Causes of Nairobi Fly Dermatitis 

Blister Beetle Dermatitis which is also known as Nairobi Fly Dermatitis or Kenya Fly Dermatitis or Paederus Dermatitis is caused by Paederus sabaeus which is also known as the rove beetle or Nairobi fly.

This insect contains a toxin known as pederin which causes a type of irritant contact dermatitis when the insect is crushed on the skin.

nairobi fly dermatitis

Symptoms of Nairobi Fly Dermatitis

Symptoms of blister beetle dermatitis or Nairobi Fly Dermatitis include vesicles and bullae (blisters) on the skin with associated redness and edema (swelling).

Treatment of Nairobi Fly Dermatitis

Treatment of Nairobi Fly Dermatitis includes:

1. Washing the affected area with a mild antiseptic

2. Applying a mild steroid cream for around 5 days.

This treatment is optional since the symptoms can resolve spontaneously in 1-2 weeks.

blister beetle dermatitis 2

Self care for Nairobi Fly Dermatitis

Wash the all the articles of clothing that may have come in contact with the crushed bettle. Since most of the crushing occurs at night as a person tries to rub the bettle from their skin, this will include bed sheets and pillow cases.


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