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Hand Irritant Contact Dermatitis

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hand irritant contact dermatitis

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This condition is known as hand irritant contact dermatitis.

Hand Irritant Contact Dermatitis Causes

You did not send any words in your email but this is one of the cases where a picture is worth a thousand words because of the washing machine in the background.

Hand irritant contact dermatitis is also known as “housewife’s eczema” because water is one of the substances that causes it and housewives spend a lot of time with their hands in water as they clean the house, wash clothes and prepare food.

Soaps and detergents are other causes of hand eczema which also affects nurses and other healthcare workers who wash their hands many times during the day.

Cosmetics, skin care products, and hair care products are other common causes of this condition which also affects hairdressers.

Hand Irritant Contact Dermatitis Symptoms

The symptoms of hand eczema include hyperkeratosis (scaling) together with the development of fissures (cracks) which may make using the hand painful.

There may also be redness and a burning sensation on the hand which comes in contact with the irritating substances.

Hand Irritant Contact Dermatitis Treatment

The treatment of hand irritant contact dermatitis includes the following:

*Avoiding the irritating substance

In your situation, it most probably involves the water and detergents you use. You can avoid them by changing your job or by using gloves when working. Some experts recommend wearing a pair of soft cotton gloves inside a pair of large plastic gloves when working.

*Moisturizing your hands

Moisturing your hands is a very important aspect of  self-care treatment of hand eczema. This is because moisturizing hydrates the skin and prevents dryness and cracking.

You can use a bland barrier cream with dimethicone like Cetaphil or one with ceramide like Cerave or simply use a pure petroleum jelly like Vaseline .

*Prescription medications

In addition to the above measures, consult your nearest doctor for prescription creams to help the condition resolve faster.

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