Forehead Acneiform Rash

acneiform rash

Dear Doctor

My forehead has always been like this. I would love to have soft, smooth, even skin all over my face but instead I have this crusty mess.

The spots never get big or have pus. They are just tiny little dots, not usually red.

acneiform rash

Dear Patient

This skin condition is known as Acneiform Eruption or Acneiform Rash.

Acneiform eruptions look like acne vulgaris lesions but they do not have comedones (black and white heads). They also have a uniform appearance.

Causes of Acneiform Rash

Medications and chemicals that can cause acneiform eruptions include:


Drugs that can cause acneiform eruptions include:

Corticosteroids which can be taken by mouth like dexamethasone, applied on the skin or inhaled into the lungs

Contraceptives (birth control devices) with progesterone

Medications used to treat tuberculosis (TB) like isoniazid and rifampicin

Medications used to treat convulsions (seizures) like phenytoin, phenobarbital

Antibiotics like penicillins and cotrimoxazole

Epidermal growth factor (EGF) receptor inhibitors used to treat cancer like cetuximab and erlotinib



Vitamins like vitamins B2, B6 and B12

Androgenic or anabolic steroids which are commonly used by body builders



Chemicals which can cause acneiform eruptions include:

Chlorinated dioxins


Other chemicals which contain halogens (chlorides, fluorides, bromides)


Treatment of Acneiform Rash

The treatment of acneiform eruptions involves treating the underlying cause.

Therefore if you are taking any medications on a long term basis, I suggest that you consult your doctor to see if they could be contributing to the eruption so that they can be changed.

If you come in contact with chemicals in your job do some investigation to see if they contain halogens (chlorides, fluorides, bromides).

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