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Face Abscess

Dear Doctor

I have this spot on my face thought it was a pimple now think otherwise. It hurts and kind of  purple.

face abscess

Dear Patient

Your symptoms are suggestive of a face abscess.

This simply means that you had a pimple which got infected by bacteria and now pus has collected within it.

Face abscesses can be caused by acne pimples or small cuts in the face in people who shave becoming infected with bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus.

Symptoms of a face abscess include a fluctuant swelling which is painful and red or purple in color. Other symptoms of cutaneous or skin abscesses regardless of whether they occur on the face or other parts of the body include fever, chills and lymphadenopathy (enlarged glands).

Danger Triangle of the Face

You should consult your nearest doctor as soon as possible because your abscess is in the “danger triangle of the face” which is the area around the upper lip and nose.

Infections in this area are dangerous since they can spread in the blood to the brain and lead to serious complications like Cavernous sinus thrombosis and death.

Your doctor will evaluate the face abscess to see the best way to treat it. Abscesses are usually treated a procedure known as incision and drainage in which the pus is removed. Antibiotics and pain killers are also prescribed.

I do not recommend any home remedies like applying a hot pack or trying to remove the pus at home for this face abscess because of the risk of the infections spreading to the brain.

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