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Forehead Acneiform Rash —

Dear Doctor My forehead has always been like this. I would love to have soft, smooth, even skin all over my face but instead I have this crusty mess. The spots never get big or have pus. They are just tiny little dots, not usually red. Dear Patient This skin condition is known as Acneiform […]

Uneven Skin Tone Home Treatments —

Dear Doctor I have a problem on my face side and neck which is very black. How to remove? What cream and soap to use daily for face. My weight is 90 kg and height is 175 cm. Dear Patient Uneven Skin Tone Causes Uneven skin tone, which is also known as uneven skin pigmentation, […]

Friction Keloids —

Dear Doctor I’ve had this swelling for a month now. It was caused by underwear friction. How can I solve this? Dear Patient From the history you have given, these lesions are suggestive of friction keloids.   Causes of Keloids Keloids develop when excessive collagen is deposited after the skin is injured. This injury can […]

Foods that Trigger Rosacea —

Dear Doctor Almost a year ago my skin started to get really bad. At first my pharmacist thought it was acne so she gave me acid to use for at least 2 months. It obviously didn’t help at all so I decided to take an intolerance test. I am now aware of all my food […]

Pityriasis Rosea Home Treatment —

Dear Doctor Hi, I went to a skin specialist, he diagnosed me with Pityriasis rosea and told me there was no medicine for it all I could do was wait. A week after this it started to go wild and spread from all over my body to my face, my scalp, even inside my ears. […]

Ask A Dermatologist: Burns —

Dear Doctor My hand was burnt by bursting cracker 2 months ago. It has been healed now but the scar is not gone. I’m using silverex and coconut oil for it. Which medicine or home remedy should be used to rejuvenate the skin asap? Dear Patient Since your skin is healing quite well, I would […]

Ask A Dermatologist: Chickenpox Post Inflammatory Hypopigmentation —

Dear Doctor Hello some days before I recover from chickenpox…the scars are fading but I want to know how I can completely recover from it. The black one is my arm pic… there are 4 scars on my face… I want to remove them… 2 in my forehead, 1 on my mouth and 1 near […]

Ask A Dermatologist: Acne Scar Treatment —

Dear Doctor It looks pretty much the same on the other side is acne scarring. What do you recommend I do to take care of it? Dear Patient Acne Scar Treatment The treatment of acne scars includes the following: Mild Chemical Peels Mild chemical peels can be used to treat superficial acne scars at home. […]

Ask A Dermatologist: Scaly Skin Diseases —

Dear Doctor I’ve had this rash for two months and its getting worse and painful throughout the body. Dear Doctor Hello I was wondering if you could help me determine what these little patches are that I’m getting on my legs and under my breast and on my arm. Dear Patients The following are some […]

Ask A Dermatologist: Cheek Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation —

Dear Doctor Excuse me, I wanted to know how do I get rid of this stain or mark removed from my cheek, what process do I have to take in order for it to be removed? Dear Patient Cheek Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Treatment The at home treatment for cheek post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) includes: 1. SPF […]

Ask A Dermatologist: Blue Under Eye Circles —

Dear Doctor Hi, I have very thin under my eyes. The skin under my eyes go in and it’s a purple blue color. I also have veins under my eyes which are of the same color. I have attached an image of my eyes however I also have the same problem on my eye lids. […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Impetigo —

Dear Doctor I have this condition for 3 days now. Ive had a red rush on my face for quite a long time now and I was using ELIDEL on my face every night. 3 days ago I started having some liquid coming out of my face it was forming yellow crusts. I went to […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Under Eye Circles —

Dear Doctor Dr PLEASE HELP ME ! I am 27 years old woman, I have been suffering from dark circles around my eye for sometimes recently it became worst adding puffins !! I have been following a routine to reduce it: treat my allergy, sleep enough, drink enough water, reduce salt in my food, eat […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Epidermoid Cyst —

Dear Doctor I’ve had this thing on the surface of my left foot for as long as I can remember. I do not know what it is or how to cure it. Please help me know what it is I don’t think it’s a wart there’s a small whole in the middle of it and […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Deriva MS Acne Treatment —

Dear Doctor I had so many pimple acne whiteheads and dark spots in my face. I have been using Deriva MS and Clinmskin for 15 days but its not working and my face is becoming dull and dark day by day so I’m very worried doctor. It has become very dull and dark. Plz do […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Lip Vitiligo —

Dear Doctor Sir, what happen on my lips .. I’ll too much doctor says this nothing it is only discoloration is it true? Dear Patient Your symptoms are suggestive of lip vitiligo. Treatment of Lip Vitiligo The treatment of lip vitiligo involves: 1. Applying Lip Balm with SPF 15 or higher to protect the hypopigmented […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Penis Psoriasis —

Dear Doctor Hi since long time I have noticed red, dry skin on my penis head. It does not itch or pain. Its just red patches and when I don’t apply oil, it becomes dry and dry dead skin starts to peel off. When I have erections, the dry skin cracks leaving cuts on the […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Back Mole —

Dear Doctor I had first seen this growth on my brother’s back a few months ago and have now noted a slight change in the size and the shape of its border. I’m quite concerned about the possibility of cancer and would very much appreciate an opinion. Thank you very much! Dear Patient This mole […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Seabather’s Eruption —

Dear Doctor I was in the ocean 4 days ago and there were tons of small strand of jelly creatures. I believe they were jellyfish eggs. A day later I noticed a rash developing on my side it started out with 2-3 red areas that looks like big pimples, in the days that past the […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Atypical Mole —

Dear Doctor Should I be concerned about this mole? It’s noticeably grown. And become more raised. It also seems to be a bit painful when I touch it sometimes. Also feels like part of it has a tiny scab… Dear Patient Yes, you should be concerned about this mole because it has several signs associated […]

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