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Penis Folliculitis —

  Dear Doctor No pain or itching but I noticed two bumps that looked like small blood blisters after a week of activity and I popped them and now they look infected please help me   Dear Patient This condition is known as penis folliculitis. This term simply means that there is inflammation of the penis. This […]

Long Healthy Hair Tips —

Dear Doctor I have hair problem. My hair is very dry and thin. My hair did not grow. Also happen hair fall and split end problem. I want healthy,  thick, long hair. So what can I do for get this type of hair? Specially I want thick and long hair. Please suggest what I can use […]

Lichen Planopilaris —

Dear Doctor Over a year ago I found out that I have LPP and FFA. Right now I am on Plaquenil. I also use Clobetasol and Rogaine. Before I was also getting scalp injections and I was on Doxycycline. Doxy worked fine for a month but later I started having stomach problems and stopped it. […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Folliculitis —

Dear Doctor Extremely itchy rash with two pimple/boil like hard lumps. Dear Patient This condition is known as folliculitis. The treatment for folliculitis is as follows: Shower Daily Take a shower and clean your body at least once a day. Ensure that you also shower immediately after working out. Using a body wash that contains […]

Dry Scalp Causes —

Dear Doctor I noticed a dry patch on my scalp. It does not seem to be growing in size and does not itch. Dear Patient Itchy Dry Scalp Causes The causes of an itchy, dry scalp include: Dandruff Dandruff, which is also known as Pityriasis simplex capilliti, is characterized by fine white or gray scales […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Dandruff or Scalp Psoriasis —

Dear Doctor Female, 22y/o, 5’0, 115 lbs. since I was younger, I’ve always had side with myscalp. I have very dry scalp that when I scratch I catch thick flaky dandruff. Lately, it’s been crawling down to my forehead. I use neutrogena t-gel shampoo and any anti dandruff conditioner. Also I dye my hair so I […]

Moth Eaten Hair Loss —

Dear Doctor My age is 22 having hair problem I wend 2docter before somedays but i ts taking l ots of cost he gave me minoxidil 5 perc but i think it is a chemical it will affect after some days so nw I stop using ti but again hair fall  problem occurs so can […]

Traction Alopecia —

CAUSES OF TRACTION ALOPECIA Traction alopecia is caused by hairstyles which pull on the hair like tight ponytails, braids, cornrows and hair weaves. SYMPTOMS OF TRACTION ALOPECIA Traction alopecia symptoms include gradual and painless hair loss with bald spots usually along the hairline and above the ears.   TREATMENT FOR TRACTION ALOPECIA The treatment for […]

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