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Ask A Skin Doctor: Back Mole —

Dear Doctor I had first seen this growth on my brother’s back a few months ago and have now noted a slight change in the size and the shape of its border. I’m quite concerned about the possibility of cancer and would very much appreciate an opinion. Thank you very much! Dear Patient This mole […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Seabather’s Eruption —

Dear Doctor I was in the ocean 4 days ago and there were tons of small strand of jelly creatures. I believe they were jellyfish eggs. A day later I noticed a rash developing on my side it started out with 2-3 red areas that looks like big pimples, in the days that past the […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Atypical Mole —

Dear Doctor Should I be concerned about this mole? It’s noticeably grown. And become more raised. It also seems to be a bit painful when I touch it sometimes. Also feels like part of it has a tiny scab… Dear Patient Yes, you should be concerned about this mole because it has several signs associated […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Fungal Skin Infection Tests —

Dear Doctor Rash looks like ringworm but was treated for that for a month with no luck. I am now on week 3 of doxycycline and doc says it is nummular eczema. Nothing is helping and it is only spreading. Dear Patient Fungal Skin Infection Tests Tests that can be done to determine if a […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Nodular Basal Cell Carcinoma —

Dear Doctor White sticky roots in pours on face. Very sore. Tried fungle creams and acne wash. Also tried tea tree.. had for over a year now. Dear Patient You need to visit your nearest dermatologist as soon as possible so that they can evaluate this lesion on your face that is suspicious of a […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Scrotum Epidermoid Cysts —

Dear Doctor Bumps on scrotum. I have had them for years. Slowly, more have appeared. Dear Patient These are scrotum epidermoid cysts. Epidermoid cysts which are also known as epidermal cysts, are sacs in the skin which contain cheesy yellow material made of keratin, cholesterol and other debris. Epdermoid cyts develop when the skin is injured or the […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Morgellons Disease —

Dear Doctor I had a blister on my palm few months back and gradually became an open fibrous lump (I have no idea how to explain. it had no pus). It is like dead skin. Not much painful. I thought it might be caused by dishwashing liquids and cleaning agents so I applied “Aquaphor” then […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Forehead Acne —

Dear Doctor How do I get clean and acne clear skin without any spots? Dear Patient From the picture, it seems that your hair could be the culprit because the pimples are concentrated on the side of your forehead which comes in contact with it. Forehead Acne Prevention To prevent forehead acne you should: Keep […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Dark Eye Circles Treatment —

Dear Doctor I was wondering how I could clear my skin and the darkness around my eyes? Dear Patient Causes of Dark Eye Circles The causes of dark eye circles include: Facial aging features which include: Under eye volume loss which allows the fat within the eye orbit to protrude more and cast a shadow […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Dangers of Popping Acne Zits —

Dear Doctor I had a zit here on the corner of my mouth, one of those very large ones that stay for a couple of weeks. I popped and I think I must have rubbed it raw or something when I was trying to get rid of it because I woke up one morning and […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Face Allergy —

Dear Doctor I have been having these red marks around my eyes for months. I’ve been using allergy medicine, but I do not think its allergies. Please tell me what it is and what I can use to treat it. Thank you. Dear Patient Allergy Tests Since your symptoms can be caused by several conditions […]

Post Inflammatory Hypopigmentation Treatment —

Dear Doctor Hello dr I wuld like to ask what can I do to make my spots disappear I can’t wear short skirts because of them. Dear Patient These dark spots on the skin are known as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). The home treatment of PIH includes the use of: 1. SPF 30 Sunscreen Broad […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Bullous Impetigo —

Dear Doctor I had a mysterious rash show up on the left side of my forehead a little over 3 days ago. It was very sudden. It started as one open sore then quickly expanded. The surrounding skin got inflamed, red and blistery. Then there were 4 open sores with surrounding red, thin, dead-looking skin […]

White Spots On Skin —

Dear Doctor Recently these little white dots have been appearing on my body. There is not a bunch of them and they don’t seem to be appearing in one particular spot. I would say I have about 20 of them scattered on my body. I don’t know what they are, and on 2 of them […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Infected Hand Eczema —

Dear Doctor What kind of disease is this? With betametasonium or clobetasole propionate temporarily head and then appears again! pls help! What should I do? Dear Patient This condition is known as Hand Eczema. It is a type of irritant contact dermatitis which develops when the hands come in contact with irritating substances. Causes of […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Scalp Warts —

Dear Doctor Have this on my head for a while it does not bother me but just feels like it gets in the way when getting a hair cut. Can you please tell me what it is thank you so much. Dear Patient These are scalp warts. Warts are caused by viruses. Scalp warts can […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Psoriasis Treatment —

Dear Doctor Whole body is SO SO dry all of the time, bed is full of skin in the morning. It was itchy when it triggered eczema, but not as much now as eczema has died down. Always thirsty, regular bouts of thrush on p*n*s despite no s*x**l partners. I am 23 years old and […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Leg Freckles —

Dear Doctor I’ve always had freckles on my face, but I never had freckles on my arms or legs. In July of 2013, I went on a cruise and got very bad sun poisoning. I now have tons of freckles on the top of my arms and all over my legs. Is there any way […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Irritant Contact Dermatitis —

Dear Doctor Skin burns, becomes red first under arms and legs joint, itchy skin, and than becomes white and abrases. Dear Patient The redness, and itchiness are suggestive of an irritant contact dermatitis to something that you may be applying to your armpits like a deodorant. Irritant Contact Dermatitis Treatment The treatment of irritant contact […]

Ask A Skin Doctor: Hypertrophic Scar Revision —

Dear Doctor I had done my scar revision in month of June 2014 the produce was used was W plasty. Now after 3 months the scar is still red and how to get rid of the redness. The scar is on my left jaw mandibular line. I was having hypertrophy scar issue that why I […]

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