Baby Heat Rash

baby heat rash

Dear Doctor

I have attached my child photo who is 45 days old please guide me about the disease and treatment.

baby heat rash

Dear Patient

Your picture is tinted and not focused and so it is hard to say what this skin condition really is. I would like another picture which is more clear and focused.

However it seems that there are small blisters in the neck folds. This is suggestive of Miliaria Crystallina or baby heat rash (though it could also be other more serious conditions hence the request for another photo).

Miliaria Crystallina or Baby Heat Rash

Miliaria crystallina is also known as heat rash or prickly heat or summer rash (though it can also develop in winter if the baby is overdressed).


Baby Heat Rash Causes

Baby heat rash develops when the sweat ducts become blocked and the sweat is unable to evaporate normally. It is therefore trapped within the skin causing the heat rash.

The causes of baby heat rash include:

1. Wearing tight fitting clothing made from unabsorbent material that restrict sweating

2. Suffering from diseases which cause a fever

3. Overheating which can be due to sleeping under an electric blanket or being covered up excessively when living in a hot, humid environment. For newborns this can also be due to being nursed in a very warm incubator.


Baby Heat Rash Treatment

The treatment of miliaria crystallina involves:

1. Removing excessive clothing from the baby and dressing them in loose breathable fabrics like cotton.


2. Washing the affected area with a mild soap, rinsing it and patting it dry or allowing it to air dry (weather permitting).


3. Not applying ointments to the rash since they can make it worse if they trap moisture.


4. Not puncturing the blisters with a needle since this may introduce infection.


5. Ensuring the baby’s room is air conditioned or using an oscillating fan.

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