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Ask A Skin Doctor: Hypertrophic Scar Revision

Dear Doctor

I had done my scar revision in month of June 2014 the produce was used was W plasty.

Now after 3 months the scar is still red and how to get rid of the redness. The scar is on my left jaw mandibular line.

I was having hypertrophy scar issue that why I had done scar revision with W plasty. Now scar is soft and not hypertrophy because after surgery I am using cica care silicone sheet for atleast 3 month.

Can I having hair plant on scar.

Hypertrophic Scar Revision

Dear Patient

To get rid of the scar redness, you may have to get a prescription of a steroid tape from your doctor.

Examples include Cordran tape which is impregnated with the corticosteroid flurandrenolide. It will also help with flattening the scar completely.

Some hair transplant surgeons can perform camouflage procedures using follicular unit transplantation to conceal the scars.

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