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Ask A Skin Doctor: Atypical Mole

Dear Doctor

Hi, Could you please advise if I need to get this mold properly checked as I think it has changed recently. My mum had skin cancer so I am a bit concerned about that. Thank you in advance.

atypical mole

Dear Patient

The ABCDE signs used to differentiate melanomas from benign moles are:

A Asymmetrical shape which means that one half of the lesion does not match the other half

Your lesion is asymmetrical

B Border which is irregular, blurred, notched or scalloped

Your lesion has an irregular border

C Color variation which means that the lesion has different shades of brown, black, red, pink and even blue

Your lesion has color variation

D Diameter more than 6 mm or 1¼ inch

You can measure the size of your mole at home

E  Evolving lesion which is changing in size, color or shape or becoming itchy, painful, scaly, crusting or ulcerating

Your lesion has been evolving.

Since you have several of these signs, you need to visit your dermatologist so that they can remove it for examination under a microscope in the lab.

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