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Ask a Skin Doctor: Intradermal Nevus

Dear Doctor

I have what a facial plastic surgeon assumed to be an intradermal nevus on the tip of my nose. It is the same color of my skin, has been there for about 6 years, and has not really grown over the last 3 years.

Initially when I saw my PMD about it 6 years ago, he thought it was probably a cysts and told me he could excise it and leave a small scar on my nose. He also said it could go away on its own if I was willing to wait a while and see. I did that and it never went away.

I wonder if intradermal nevi are able to be removed without being shaved? The facial plastic surgeon wanted to shave it off and said that there could be some discoloration.

Are there any remedies that may work for this that I could do without having any type of procedure?

intradermal nevus

Dear Patient

From the photos you have sent, I cannot definitely say that the lesion is an intradermal nevus. I need larger (at least 1000×1000) and more clear photos.

However, if it is an intradermal nevus as per your facial plastic surgeon it does not need to be removed unless it suspicious of more dangerous lesions or its cosmetic appearance disturbs you.

Intradermal nevus can be removed by shave and cautery or by excisional biopsy though the shaving tends to give a good cosmetic result.

I am not aware of any remedies that have been scientifically proven to remove intradermal moles.

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