Ask A Skin Doctor: Atypical Mole

dysplastic nevus

Dear Doctor

Should I be concerned about this mole?

It’s noticeably grown. And become more raised. It also seems to be a bit painful when I touch it sometimes. Also feels like part of it has a tiny scab…

atypical mole

Dear Patient

Yes, you should be concerned about this mole because it has several signs associated with malignant melanomas. These signs are:

A Asymmetrical shape since one half of the lesion does not match the other half.

B Border irregularity since its border is notched or scalloped.

C Color variation since it has different shades of blue, brown and pink.

E  Evolving since it is changing in size and it has become painful.

The only sign I cannot speak about is the diameter but you can measure it at home and if it is more than 6 mm or 1¼ inch, that is another danger sign.

You therefore need to visit your dermatologist so that they can remove it for examination under a microscope in the lab.

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