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Ask A Skin Doctor: Anus Warts

How to treat anus warts

Dear Doctor

Strange skin around my anus. I am worried.

anus warts

Dear Patient

This condition is known as anal warts or anogenital warts or anus warts or condyloma acuminata.

Anal warts are caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Most are caused by HPV strains 6 and 11. Becoming infected with these viruses does not automatically lead to developing anus warts since it can take months to years.

Anus warts are a common sexually transmitted disease (STD)  or sexually transmitted infection (STI). However, not all anus warts are transmitted sexually since they can also be transmitted non-sexually through the hands or using sex toys with the virus.

Anus Warts Symptoms

Symptoms of anus warts include the sensation of  having a bump in the anus which is usually painless. However it can bleed,  become itchy and even discharge mucus. By changing the appearance of the region, extensive anal warts also cause cosmetic disfigurement and psychological distress.

Anal Warts Treatment

The treatment of anal warts includes the use of medications like Warticide which are applied on the warts.

These warts can also be frozen with liquid nitrogen in a procedure known as cryotherapy.

Note that not all warts need treatment since in some cases the body develops immunity against them and clears them.


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