Ask a Dermatologist Free: Laser Burns or Herpes Zoster

herpez zoster

Dear Doctor

I made ​​laser treatment if it has been made kidnapping became burned

Is it a laser burn please reply as soon as possible

laser burn

Dear Patient

To give you a conclusive answer I would like to know how many days had passed after the laser treatment before you took this picture. I would also like to know the type of laser that was used and what it was being used for.


In the absence of that information I will answer your question by saying that the distribution of these lesions follows the S1 and S2 dermatomes.

This is suggestive of herpes zoster which has been reported to have been possibly reactivated after laser treatment.

In addition, blisters and crusting which are symptoms of herpez zoster are also symptoms of second degree laser burns.


To answer your question, I will say that this picture is more suggestive of a herpes zoster infection than a laser burn though both can occur together.


Therefore, I advise you to:

1. Send us a more clear picture of the current skin lesions after cleaning them with warm water together with answers to the above questions.


2. Consult your nearest doctor so that they can give you a prescription for antivirals like acylovir (Zovirax), famciclovir (Famvir) or valacylcovir (Valtrex) which are used to treat herpez zoster if they concur with my suspicion.

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