Ask a Dermatologist Free: Confluent and Reticulated Papillomatosis

Gougerot-Carteaud syndrome

Dear Doctor

I cannot get rid of human reticulated papillomatosis.

human reticulated papilomatosis

Dear Patient

The treatment of confluent and reticulated papillomatosis (CRP) can be quite challenging due to the lack of a single agent that can treat all cases.

Having said that I recommend that you:

1. Use Minocycline

Get a prescription for the antibiotic Minocycline (Minocin) and use it for around 6 weeks. You can begin with a dose of 50 mg twice a day.

Currently, minocycline is the most effective treatment for CRP though not all cases respond to it.

2. Do the KOH Skin Scrapings Test

Some patients with CRP were found to be infected with yeast Malassezia furfur which  is also known as Pityrosporum orbiculare. Once the fungi were treated, the CRP was also noted to clear.

Therefore have a test known as KOH (potassium hydroxide) done on skin scraped from the CRP lesions to look for a fungal infection.

If the KOH test is positive can apply antimycotics like clotrimazole (Lotrimin), miconazole (Micaderm) or ketoconazole (Nizoral).

3. Lose Weight

If you are overweight lose the excess weight since CRP lesions were noted to regress in patients who lost weight.

Try these 3 measures for now and let us know the response.

If the skin lesions resolve, continue using the successful therapy because CRP has a tendency to recur once treatment is discontinued.


To learn more read the Confluent and Reticulate Pappilomatosis Handbook

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