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Anal Folliculitis

Dear Doctor

Im sorry for not shaving. My a has been eching me somtimes then I didt pay attention to it but today I touched my under the asshole area I felt a kind of ackne  a poping I dont do waht you call it .. and maybe because I use soap down there. But I am scared about it I want to treat it .. so help me please.

anal folliculitis

Dear Patient

Your symptoms are suggestive of anal folliculitis.

This simply means that an infection has developed in the small “holes” in your skin from which the hair grows.

This condition is not caused by using soap. It is caused by bacteria like  known as Staph aureus.

I suggest the following treatment for anal folliculitis:

1.Use oral antibiotics

Consult your  nearest doctor and get a prescription of antibiotics that are taken by mouth like Flucloxacillin.



From your picture there seems to be collections of pus known as pustules. Your nearest doctor will need to examine you and see if the pus needs to be drained by a procedure known as I&D or incision and drainage.


3.Antiseptic soap

I suggest you use an antiseptic soap to clean the area.

anal folliculitis

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